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The Experience of having the Orthotripsy® Procedure Performed

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As we walked into the office, I could see the hesitation on my son's face. He was about to undergo the
Orthotripsy® procedure on both of his achilles tendons. The nurse came and got us fairly quick and explained that they were going to numb or block the feeling in his legs with Lidocaine, a common local anesthetic, before starting the Orthotripsy® treatment. They then had my son sit on the edge of the medical table and injected his left leg. The nurse and I tried to keep him distracted by talking, but it didn't work. He made every face in the book while dealing with the pain of the lidocaine. When it was done I commented, "that wasn't too bad" and he replied, "you think I don't know I have another one?" Again his face contorted as they started to inject his right achilles, but the worst was done. At least, that's what we were told.

After the injections to block the pain, they waited a few minutes for it to kick in as the Sanuwave
® representative inquired where my son was experiencing the most pain. He marked those spots with a marker and asked my son to lay back. He then pulled the machine over, squirted on some kind of lubricant and positioned the large lens of the OssaTron® on his left achilles. He told my son to let him know if he started to feel the shockwaves so they could numb him more if necessary. He then turned on the machine and we started hearing the pulses, "clap", "clap", "clap". The pulses seemed to get a little louder and I assume stronger but my son said it just felt like little pings, no pain. We sat and talked for 30 minutes, and then they changed legs and started the machine again, this time on his right leg. After that 30 minutes of conversation with the nurse about her numerous pets, they turned off the machine and asked my son how he felt. He said he was fine and he got up slow from the table and walked over to the chair, and a pretty normal walk at that.

The OssaTron® rep started cleaning up the room and the nurse said she had some post-procedure instructions. She explained that my son may have some pain as the anesthetic wore off and not to take any pain medication that would thin his blood and offered a prescription. She also told him not to ice or do anything to alter the natural healing process, but to call the doctor if the pain is too much. She said he could walk but to keep it at a minimum and to call the doctor in a week so he could evaluate his progress and give further instructions. My son walked on his own to the car, although a little slow, and we went to eat. That's it, the Orthotripsy® procedure in a nutshell.


Information from Sanuwave

The OssaTron® is the first and only Extracorporeal Shock Wave Technology (ESWT) system approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of multiple orthopaedic conditions which have failed to respond to conservative treatment.

OssaTron® Orthotripsy® is a non-invasive procedure for orthopedic applications. Orthotripsy utilizes the same technology as lithotripsy for kidney stones; very strong acoustic (sound) waves that produce a shock wave. Science has proven that shockwaves stimulate bone growth and promote the healing of tendinopathies.

When aimed at soft tissue that has developed scar tissue or is chronically inflamed, the shock wave will cause revascularization (increase circulation) to the area. The revascularization process initiates the body's natural healing process and in time decreases the inflammation to the tendon or fascia, thereby decreasing and eventually eliminating pain to the area.

Other Diagnosis

OssaTron® Orthotripsy® is the only high energy, one time treatment device approved by the FDA, and the only machine that is FDA approved for multiple indications. Currently there are two diagnosis OssaTron® Orthotripsy® is approved for by the FDA; plantar fasciitis (heel pain syndrome) and lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). OssaTron® Orthotripsy® has proven to be extremely beneficial to multiple tendinopathies and the only treatment of its kind to show success with non-union or delayed bone healing.